Lancaster Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope Memorial Plaques

Garden of Hope Memorial Plaques

Each year more than 800,000 women experience the overwhelming grief of losing a child to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. To date, 30 million women have had abortions and many now suffer the intense emotions of guilt and despair. Our land overflows with heartache and sorrow stemming from the death of these precious lives.

The Garden of Hope is offering families the opportunity to honor the life of their baby(ies) by ordering a plaque that will be permanently installed on the memorial wall at the Garden of Hope. The plaques are stainless steel and will not rust, fade or break. Families are invited to order as many plaques as they would like or have the option to combine the names and dates of multiple losses using the format shown below.

Plaques may be ordered year round, however, because the plaques are made from stainless steel sheets, we have a minimum number of plaques that can be ordered at one time. This means that plaques typically get ordered and mounted three times a year. Please be mindful of this when you send in your plaque order. We try to contact people via email when the plaque is mounted, however, you may also follow us on Facebook since we post the names of our babies when plaques are mounted.

2X5" Engraved Stainless Steel Plaque — $45.00

There are 2 ways to place an order:

[1]  Print and fill out the Order Form and return with payment to:
       Garden Of Hope, Inc., P.O. Box 73, Intercourse, PA 17534
[2] Order and Pay securely on-line with Pay Pal: CLICK HERE

The Garden of Hope Memorial Wall